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10 Great Teachings

from the Bible
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On this website you will find information about 10 Great Teachings, 10 Great Teachings Workbook and 10 Great Tests - Confirmation Materials by Rev. Mark Willig.

On this site:

The book:

This book was developed through a number of years using the materials, revising, improving and adding.

I started field testing these materials in 2002. Area pastors started using them in 2005. Now I am ready to share my materials with the Church.

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The Book
The Exercises
The Tests


Welcome to "10 Great Teachings"

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Confirmation and catechism book, workbook and materials.

Coming Soon: Sample pages of the book.

Information about 10 Great Teachings

Used by Pastors, Parents and People

Here is what those who have used the to say:

  • "Guys, you gotta look at this! It's good stuff!" President Herb Mueller, First Vide President of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod to pastors at the SID Pastor's Conference.
  • "I would favor the use of the volume for its very good teaching arrangements for handling what are often difficult teaching areas." Rev. C. F. Campbell, Reviewer
  • "This book is so pastoral. It presents the material in a loving way, and shows the author cares about the reader." Parent
  • "It challenged me to look more deeply in the Bible." Former Student
  • "Pastor knows what he is talking about while is he teaching, but I would still feel very comfortable in asking questions. Especially when I went to school, I could tell he was concerned about my views on faith and opened an invitation to always email if I had any questions. This meant a lot to me knowing that he is concerned for my spiritual well being, while still asking about my classes as well." Former Student
  • "Our curriculum editors have reviewed your confirmation materials and they think they are quite good." Paul McCain, Concordia Publishing House


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